Too Big for My Jeans: Country Boy Kitchen

If you are from a certain era, you may remember when southern hip-hop made a it’s debut to the national market. At any giving moment you may hear a bar with a twang that was undeniably from the “dirty-dirty”. One of my favorite lines comes from Goodie Mobb’s “Soul Food”….

A heaping helping of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese,
 And collard greens, too big for my jeans.
Smoke steams from under the lid that's on the pot
Ain't never had a lot, but thankful for the little that I got.

Every time I heard this lyric, it released the syanapses, back to a time in my childhood when I would visit my relatives “down south” during the summer. I didn’t get too much high caloric food from my grandmother’s house due to her restrictive diabetic diet (but she made THE BEST baked chicken I’ve ever eaten). I was able to walk just a few steps to my great-aunt’s house…and a few more steps to my great-grandmother’s house who knew how to whip up all the rich southern delicacies that were only reserved for holidays and Sunday dinners. I can remember snapping peas on my great grandmother’s porch, going in her garden to pick collard greens, and staring in awe as my great aunt glazed her famous sour cream cake. THIS was the south. THIS was summertime. THIS was a snapshot of our history. THIS was soul food.

Travel below the Mason Dixon Line, and within a stone’s throw you will find a soul food eatery. During a passthrough in Sumter, SC, I decided to throw my stone toward Jeffrey Lampkin’s Country Boy Kitchen.

Not only is the food AWESOME, the atmosphere will transport you to big mama’s home on Sunday. When I was reading the menu items, I could swear that I heard heels stomping on an old church floor…

Sanctified Salads
Soul Saving Greens
Miracle Mac-n-Cheese
Good God Almighty Green Beans
Rice and Glory (Gravy)

Yes, these are actual items on the menu! Also, if you are tired of the same hokey happy birthday songs you get at those chain restaurants, you may want to head this way to feel the true blessing of life!

I would suggest that you bring an empty stomach, a stretchy waistband, and a joyful spirit when you cross the threshold of Jeffrey Lampkin’s Country Boy Kitchen. You will not be disappointed.

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