Hunger Hiatus

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You know how we all get that crazy idea to start writing a blog. Never mind that there are exactly 2380472812374 different blogs across the web. Never mind that you may only get two readers: you and your spouse (when he remembers to read it). You just figure that you are going to start this creative outlet with grandeur hopes that you will become a millionaire within a year. Oprah will discover your page. You will be a guest on Good Morning America. You can quit your day job. You get to relax on the beaches of Durban, South Africa…all because you were bored one day. Well about that…

My day job was so technical, and I wanted to have some sort of creative outlet to keep the right side of my gray matter in tact. I love writing. I love eating. I love drinking. So why not? I started off pretty well in 2017. Going to food truck festivals, local vineyards, small town restaurants…then the craziest thing happened.

Kam at the 2019 Charleston Food Truck Festival

Meet Kameron, my (at birth) 6 pound little miracle born in 2018. What does that mean? That means that for the majority of 2017, when I wanted to go on this great journey of writing about alllll the foods that I loved…this little bundle of joy gave me morning sickness throughout the pregnancy. The only things I could stomach were fried fish, yogurt, and Powerade. And I don’t know about other cultures, but drinking while pregnant is frowned upon. No more corkz for Curlz. I was also a high risk pregnancy…so all of that travel around town and beyond…canceled. But no worries, right? Once he gets here, he will be my little blog partner. I’ll have him literally attached to my hip and we will discover the world of delicious eats together! Right?


Once reality set in, I quickly discovered that working a full time job, taking care of an infant, (now one-year-old), taking care of a home, and taking care of The Beard, there was very little time to eat, let alone write about it. I felt like this was about to be another failed project to add to long list of failed projects. Just another dreamed deferred. In the illustrious words of TJ from Disney’s Recess, “This whomps.”

I had a long conversation with myself during my commute to work one day. I reminded myself of all the projects I actually completed. All of the successes. All of the failures that led to successes. All of the food that I missed during my hungry hiatus. “Curlz, grab your fork, grab your corkscrew, and get back out there!”. So while I was MIA from my blog, I was putting in work making a presence on my IG and FB pages. I got certified to bartend in SC, NC, and GA. I began learning more about wines from a sommelier’s perspective. I’ve been hitting up every restaurant and food truck that I can get my hands on in my spare time.  Ladies and gentleman…CURLZ IS BACK!


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